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Heart Surgery

When you require heart surgery, you want to have the best possible care, including technical expertise and a compassionate, friendly environment, preferably close to home. You want the newest equipment and techniques available. And you want a coordinated system of care to minimize difficulty.

Who can benefit from heart surgery?

Heart surgery is usually recommended as a treatment for many different types of heart disease. Specifically, those who may need heart surgery include those who have or have experienced:

  • Heart attack
  • Heart failure
  • Heart rhythm disorders
  • Heart valve disorders
  • Aortic aneurysms
  • Stroke
  • Structural heart issues

Treatments and procedures

In addition to traditional heart surgery, we are known for expertise in less invasive procedures, such as:

MitraClip for mitral regurgitation: MitraClip is a tiny device that can be inserting in the heart through a vein in your leg. MitraClip restores usual blood flow by attaching to the mitral valve, allowing it to close more totally.

LARIAT for atrial fibrillation: Patients who are not capable to take blood thinners benefit from the LARIAT procedure. The unique design of LARIAT, which resembles a lasso, allows the device to be placed through a catheter. LARIAT permanently closes the left atrial appendage, thus reducing the danger of future blood pools, clots and stroke.

Melody valve replacement: Surgically placed heart valves that have turn out to be narrow or leaky can be treated without composite surgery using the Melody procedure. Melody can be used in children and adults to restore heart valve function and delay the need for surgery.

Core Valve for severe aortic stenosis: Core Valve is a little device shaped like a champagne hood that can replace narrowing heart valves for improved blood flow. Research has shown CoreValve to be more helpful than traditional surgery for high-risk patients.

” The Size of your Body Is of little account, the size of your Brain is much of account; the size of your heart is the most account of all.”