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TMT stands for Thermo Mechanically Treated. The TMT bars have a hard on the outside surface and a softer core. Their manufacturing process contains hot rolled steel wires passed through water. This makes the surface hard and keeps the core warmer and softens.

It is very general to find the heart patients who have normal ECG. One must remember that the ECGs are taken at rest when the heart is beating at its lowest rate. In some of cases the patient would also agree that at the time of rest there is no pain in the chest, the angina sign would only come when they enlarge the heart rate, while doing some physical exertion like walking.

In this situation, where we need a TMT test. The patients might gradually enlarge their heart rate, thus increasing the blood requirement of the heart muscles. Simultaneously ECG records are taken.

Patients have to physically bring to bear for this test which uses a computerized machine. The continuous ECG monitoring for the duration of the exercise would reflect to the blood and oxygen deficit in the muscles of the heart during the exercise.

TMT test is also called as Exercise Stress Test, Computerized Stress Test or simply Stress test. It is the very easy, popular and common test performed on heart patients to determine the severity of the heart illness. Taken at an interval, this test can also show the improvement or deterioration of patient’s angina.

TMT is exercise ECG and observation of patient during a graded stress. In males in the ages 30 and above with a normal ECG it gives a good information about the exercise tolerance and ECG changes during the exercise which enlarge the product of heart rate and blood pressure. This product called the double product raise the oxygen demand of heart.

The response to stress is produced either by exercise or drug stimulation. The stress test compares the circulation of blood in the heart when the patient is resting and when he is under optimum physical force. There are a variety of types of stress tests but the most common of them is the Treadmill stress test.

The test administrator or attending physician examines the indication and blood pressure response. With use of ECG, the test is most commonly called a cardiac stress test but is known by other names, such as exercise testing, stress testing treadmills, exercise tolerance test, stress test or stress test ECG.

” The Size of your Body Is of little account, the size of your Brain is much of account; the size of your heart is the most account of all.”