5 Ways to Keep Your Heart Happy

5 Ways to Keep Your Heart Happy

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While heart disease kills more men and women than any other disease in developed countries, it turns out there’s a lot you can do to keep your heart healthy.

We have learned a tremendous amount in recent years about the risk factors that predispose us to heart disease. One of the significant things we have learned is that each of us has significant control over most of these risk factors. And therefore, to a large extent, each of us holds our cardiac fate in our own hands. Even people who have a strong genetic predisposition to heart disease can often significantly delay the onset of heart problems by adopting healthy lifestyles.

Don’t Smoke

Of all the things you can do to ruin your health, smoking is the most ruinous. If you smoke you are likely to develop heart disease decades earlier than you otherwise might. Even if you don’t develop premature heart disease, you will likely suffer from one of the other scourges of smoking: cancer, lung disease, premature aging, and other situation that make you sickly, or wrinkly and old, before your time.

Manage Your Diet and Weight

A poor diet often leads to obesity, and obesity can be very damaging to the heart and vascular system (especially when it is accompanied by a sedentary lifestyle).

Manage Your Cholesterol Levels

Blood lipids—cholesterol and triglycerides—are significant determinants of cardiac risk. Here’s what you should know about bad cholesterol, good cholesterol, and the things you can do—diet, lifestyle, and medications—to keep your cardiac risk as low as possible.

Manage Your Blood Pressure

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is extremely common and often poorly treated. Unfortunately, inadequately treated hypertension can lead to both heart attacks and especially strokes. Learn more about living well with high blood pressure and medications used for treatment.

Control Your Blood Sugar

Insulin resistance—which can manifest as either diabetes of metabolic syndrome—leads to high blood sugar and a host of other metabolic problems that greatly enlarge your risk of heart disease. Learn how to reduce your risk.

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