High Blood Pressure and Headache

High Blood Pressure and Headache (Best Cardiologist in Bhopal ) 



Does high blood pressure reason headache?

This has been the subject of much debate over the years and the subject of scientific investigation. In this article we will examine the evidence and see if there is an connection between high blood pressure and headache. An article about blood pressure guidelines is referenced here.

Can Headache Cause High Blood Pressure?

Patients with active headaches may well have high blood pressures. Of course the physical stress of a headache and any associated pain is an obvious reason of high blood pressure. In these cases, the blood pressure is probable to return to baseline levels once the headache has subsided.

High Blood Pressure Crisis and Headache

High blood pressure crisis is known as hypertensive crisis. This is typically defined as blood pressure greater than 180 systolic and 120 diastolic .This is typically a severe uncontrolled episode in patients that generally have a history of blood pressure. Many symptoms can be experienced with the presentation of a hypertensive crisis and typically patients will present to hospital. Headache is one of these symptoms, with others including neurological problem and chest pain. If there is evidence of damage to organs such as the heart, brain or kidney, patients will typically require admission to an intensive care unit and IV medications to control blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure and Headache – Conclusion

High blood pressure at moderate (140’s) or even severe (160’s) levels are not thought to be a reason of headache; however, dangerously high levels of blood pressure may well be associated with headache as symptoms. Uncommonly, there may be other situation that can lead to both high blood pressure and headaches as symptoms.

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