What is Robotic Heart Surgery?

What is Robotic Heart Surgery?

Robotic heart surgery has revolutionized the way we think of heart operations. When you think of heart surgery, a large scar down the whole front of the chest comes to mind. With robotic heart surgery, compound problems can often be fixed with precision, through small holes on the chest wall, avoiding the need to have the chest ‘cracked open.

Robotic Heart Surgery – Heart Surgery without a Big Scar

In this article we will talk about robotic heart surgery, and describe the condition where its use is ideal. In the right hands robotic heart surgery can be incredible, but in the wrong hands it can be less than ideal. The key to robotic heart surgery is careful case selection and a highly experienced team that will lead to the best outcomes.

Advantages of Robotic Heart Surgery for Patients

The clearest advantage of robotic heart surgery is the fact that there is no large scar on the chest since the process is performed through small incisions. Not only can this offer a cosmetic advantage but also decreased trauma, and less post-operative pain. There is a possibility of reduce need for blood transfusions, a decreased stay in the intensive care unit, decreased length of stay in the hospital, and a more rapid revival with return to work.

Robotic Heart Surgery – Choosing the Right Place is Critical

One of the most significant aspects of undergoing robotic heart surgery is to have the surgery in a center where the number of cases being done is high, the experience level is high, and the results have been proven good. Robotic heart surgery is extremely specialized and the learning curve is steep which means the results can be poor in the wrong hands. The good news is that the leading robotic centers have an infrastructure that is centered around robotic heart surgery and the outcomes are hard to believe.

How Does a Heart Surgeon Use the Robot?

Unlike conventional surgery, robotic heart surgery is performed by a heart surgeon who uses a comfort that is not straightforwardly next to the patient, but is somewhere else in the room. The surgeon sits at the console and the robot is positioned over the patient. The surgeon controls the robot from the console by using 2 master handles. Through the console the surgeon is capable to see high resolution, three dimensional and magnified views.

Is the Risk of Robotic Heart Surgery Different from Traditional Heart Surgery?

The complications that you can run in to can differ a little. There is no real evidence to suggest that a robotic mitral valve operation, the most ordinary type of robotic heart surgery, is either safer or more dangerous than a traditional operation. The advantage of a robotic heart surgery is faster recovery and a nicer cosmetic result. There is some evidence suggesting a lower risk of transfusion with a robotic approach as well as a lower risk of infection.

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